Are you ready to stand up for yourself?

Join Sandy Stream in The Courage Circle, as she invites readers to muster the courage to face their past and step into the life they were meant to live. Through stories of her own personal experience, struggle, and growth, Sandy shows firsthand how you can start to find your inner peace.

In this inspirational guide, you will discover…

If you are ready to heal old wounds, align your body and soul, build your confidence, and reclaim your energy, then The Courage Circle is for you.

The Author

Sandy Stream is an author and activist whose work is built on the belief that everyone deserves and is capable of finding peace and warrior-like strength within themselves. After teaching law for 20 years, raising her two children, and facing a life full of adversities and lessons, she decided to turn her efforts towards facilitating workshops for young and experienced adults to encourage them to live in peace and power.

The Courage Circle
Weekly Group
with author Sandy Stream.

 We will meet at Morpho Yoga every week as of February 2023 to discuss topics from The Courage Circle such as.

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