Don't Follow Me, Follow You!

Embrace everything and everyone as a teacher. But beware of following teachers or gurus. Although we can learn from everyone, ultimately, the compass you need to follow…is your own!

Courage is Contagious!

Support those who choose to be courageous instead of questioning, doubting, or undermining them. Give support to those who trust their Truth and are moving forward on their path, even if that path is different than yours.


Il vaut mieux dépasser les lignes en coloriant que de vivre en noir et blanc!
-Julie Snyder


“lo importante es aprender a surfear arriba de la ola”


“I decided to become an activist and it’s very hard but I do it anyway, because that’s what I feel I must do”


“From early, I have chosen to walk a non-conventional path, it was the path to follow my heart and my passion, it hasn’t always been easy but sometimes you need a challenge to be your very best.”


“Desde que he decidido llevar y cumplir mis propias responsabilidades desde un querer empoderador y desarrollador mi vida es mejor.”


I quit a job that did not align with my principles and started offering therapy and group events. I now feel that my gifts are of service.


To heal, it is important to follow your inner self


I decided not to be a doctor, despite the pressure to do so, and pursue my own passions and curiosity”


“I love to learn and follow my own interests. Not those other people think I should follow”


“I chose to not get married or have kids”


“I learned to ride a bike at age 30. I fell many times but got back up. Now I love it so much I’m buying another bike”


After living out of state for eight years, I decided to move back to my hometown to be closer to my family. Best decision I have ever made!

Join the Movement!

Upload Your Circle
In a well-lit room, set your phone up or have a friend take a photo of you facing away from the camera and pretending to draw a circle. You can then upload this photo with a caption sharing how you took a courageous step or followed you. It does not have to be a "major" action. Sometimes just getting out of bed on a difficult day is an act of courage! Our team will then alter the image to make it appear as if you’re really drawing the circle! We reserve the right to select which pics get posted at our entire discretion.